How to spot fake Hori Screen Protectors

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Hi all,
As any PSP owner will know, a screen protectors is one of those invaluable items everyone should purchase. They should not only protect the screen from scratches, and grimy fingerprints, but also cut the glare and help clarify the image. I myself recently bought a range of Hori screen protectors for for my new PSP, both on Ebay and elsewhere. Hori are well known for their outstanding quality and reasonable pricing, the best of the best, as far as screen protectors go. However, what is becoming a big problem these days is the increase in knock-offs and imitations.

I realise nymechanicbr08 has written a guide on protectors for the DS-Lite, which can be found here:

in which he states:
" Here are the differences between the fake and real screen protectors:

- Protectors scratch very easily and have a brownish tint to them compared to real hori screen protectors

- Blurry/slightly faded artwork on the package

- Text on the bag or resealable bag containing the protectors, the real hori bag is not resealable and there should be no text on bag either.

- Design on the microfiber cloth in the package, the real hori cloths do not have a design or text on them and are of better quality than the fake ones.

- Engrish writing or writing with heavy grammatical errors on the pull off tabs, this should not be present."

I'm not entirely sure what the protocol is in repeating guide information, but there are some points I would like to add to those made by nymechanicbr08

-fake protectors have included a "soft card" in the packaging (according to the Hori website this is not included in the legitimate package)

-the microfiber cloths should not have a serrated edge, should generally feel softer and should not be overly fibrous or slightly frayed at the edges (I've found these fake cloths actually leave more dust on the screen then they take off).

-there should be no writing on the tabs for the two layers above and below the actual screen protector, just a solid red tab.

-the legitimate screen protector should be easy to apply and not attract a large number of (or if done right, any) bubbles underneath.

More information on this, for both DS and PSP, can be found at the Hori website:
Notice the original on the left, and the two fakes A and B.

There has been some talk of regional differences between Hori screen protectors sold in Asia and those sold in America. I have not found any bona fide information regarding this discrepancy, although it is entirely plausible.

Finally I would like to add that it is usually very difficult to identify these fakes on Ebay, and I believe legitimate business are selling fakes as well. If you've purchased a fake, the only thing that can be done is to report these fakes to Ebay imediately.

Best of Luck,

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