How to spot fake or dodgy ticket sellers.

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This guide is mainly for the ticket buyers on eBay. This guide will help them decide on tickets and on the sellers behind the tickets on eBay.

When buying tickets the tickets themselves are only as good as the seller themselves. No matter what a seller can advertise his tickets as the sellers reputation and guarantees are very important.
Many sellers will try to disguise bad seated tickets as good tickets as calling them ROW A but then when you view the section you find out you could be in the last section at the concert but still ROW A.
Also many ticket sellers will advertise their seated numbers on ebay, and for a purchaser this is not good news. You may purchase tickets of eBay but the promoter has the right to cancel any tickets that may be against the rules of sale. This may mean that although you have purchased tickets your tickets may have been canceled electronically before they even arrive at your door. This means your tickets are worthless.

Does the Ebay Seller offer a refund?
Most eBay ticket sellers will not offer a refund. Many of the ticket sellers may even purchase more tickets on eBay and resell them. This will mean that if a refunded is needed they will have to go back to the original eBay seller and ask them also for a refund.  This is why many do not offer refunds.

The Tickets themselves.
Now we come to the tickets. Many people will offer ticketfast. ( a printed version of your ticket)
I become worried here a little bit because as they can be printed and the ticket seller may print several copy's to several eBayers. Then when the eBayers arrive at the concert only the first tickets will be authorized. Be a little bit cautious to those offering printed tickets.
Many people will even sell just the idea of the tickets. You may laugh at this but many purchase tickets and straight away list them on ebay. They will sell the seat numbers or tickets but have not yet received them themselves.  Try to look for Ebay Sellers that advertise TICKETS IN HAND.

Most tickets will look like these if a picture is shown. If the seat numbers are not blanked out, be careful on bidding on these as they may have already been canceled by the promoter.

Alot of sellers will claim their tickets are VIP. Ive even seen people advertise Silver or seated spots to some concert as VIP. Vip means Very Important Person. It should also mean that the tickets you are getting are better than the standard tickets people are selling. Meaning the best available. Alot on EBay claim VIP status when in fact they are just standard tickets. A VIP pack is a pack that is designed to give someone more than just standard offerings. A pack could include autographed CDs or extras that normally wont come with the tickets. It may offer extras such as Fan club access or Bonus concert opportunities like an after party etc. The tickets normally included in VIP packs are premium or Lounge tickets. (the best tickets you could purchase for the concert) The seller should also advertise where the tickets are located within the listing.
Backstage if of course a tour of the set and of areas the normal concert goers would not be able to access. The tour may be before the concert or after and normally does NOT allow you to meet the celebrity. If they let you meet the celebrity the EBay Seller will have advertised this. You may come across the celebrity with these types of tickets so these are really good tickets but don't bank on seeing or meeting your favorite person.
These are tickets that will allow you to meet the band, singer, production crew etc.

Hopefully this guide has been useful and you can now buy safely using Ebay when buying tickets.

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