How to spring clean your house!

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No more excuses - Spring is upon us. Come Friday it is time to dust off that winter, um, dust and get the house into tip-top shape. First things first, a checklist to help get this most daunting and overwhelming of all tasks done.

And bear in mind two things as you go - Break it down and baby steps! As part 1 of my easy-peasy, stress-less Spring Cleaning guide I am going through 1.Where to start - What you need.

Using the break it down and baby steps method, here we go! Spring is in the air.

1. What you need.

Let's start by examining the cleaning supplies.


A good static duster - I use Pledge Grab it and refills (you will need one per room, depending on how long it has been since you dusted!)

Vacumn - make sure is in working order, but bags if need.

Bucket, mop, new mop head if need.

Chux, paper towels, various cloths. Magic ones that don't need cleaner are good too. This is a personal preference, just get a few.

A scrubbing brush - good for the batroom and any grimy floors or skirting boards.

Washing detergent for drapes, bed linen, bath mats etc- again a personal preference, I like radiant colourfast and good old napisan for whites, stains.

All purpose spray cleaner, or an environmentally friendly one if possible. Toilet cleaner and also a floor cleaner for tiles, wood if you need it.

Aromatherapy candles- won't clean anything but will keep you calm and motivated, think of it as cleaner for your psyche, or something. In any case they smell prettier than pine-o-clean!

Garbage bags - heavy duty and lots of them.

Boxes, the kind for storing stuff in various sizes, with lids if possible. Officeworks have excellent ones at the moment with wheels as well. 

Plastic baskets are good too for keeping makeup, desk stuff, and other bits and pieces in. Great for organising the pantry and medicine cabinet too. I love the ones at the "Cheap" shops, $2 shops or Crazy Clarks. 

Now you have everything you need - on to Part 2...

What you need to do. 

This part starts with a pen and paper and a visit to each room to see what needs to be done. This is alo great if you have helpers (I wish!) as you can allocate tasks according to size and skill of helper.

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