How to start a chainsaw

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How to start a chainsaw sounds so simple, and it is, but for someone who has never owned one before it can be frustrating.
We will go through the steps that will make you a pro in know time and give your arm a rest.
1. Turn the on switch into the on position
2. Pull the choke out and put your throttle lock in on the side of your handle.
3. With the saw on the ground and your foot through the handle start pulling.
4. After a couple of pulls you will hear the engine want to start, NOW THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART, as soon as you hear that small kick ,push the choke back into the off position.
5. Now pull again and your saw will start and rev up, click your throttle and it will drop down to idle.
6. Give your saw a couple of minutes to warm up and you are away.
7. Always ensure you wear protective gear when cutting.
Trouble Shooting
1. You are pulling away and nothing is happening??
Possible Solution, Your saw is flooded, we have a rule of thumb, if you have pulled the pull start 6 times without a kick from the saw, turn your choke OFF and try starting without it. Once the saw is flooded it will take 15-20 pulls to clear it with the choke off before it starts, and yes it will blow a lot of smoke until the excess fuel is burnt.
One thing to remember is a chainsaw will not run with the choke on, it will only start for a second or 2 then it will stall, a brushcutter will but a chainsaw has a different carby set up.
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