How to store your shoes/handbags long term?

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Never have enough shoes or handbags? ----------Well, you should answer with a big YES, because you know how to store them properyly with silica gel!

If you no longer wear those shoes or did not have the mood to bring that particular handbag, and you do not want see moistures and mildews attack your precious valueables, think of the followings:

Hint 1:

Take the photo of the shoes /handbags and print out their color photos and stick the photos to the side of the shoe boxes for each pair. If you don't have the shoe box, use the heavy duty plastic bags .

Hint 2:

Purchase some silica gel packs(10g is an ideal size) and put one pack in each box.

Seal the box with the sealing tape and make sure there is no gaps exist between the top cover and the rest part of the box. Apply similar

rules to the plastic bag .

This is the most important part and this will greatly affect the outcome of this storage mission.

Do not stack up those boxes too high, the boxes on the lower part of the stack may be slightly crushed and thus the structure of the boxes may be damaged and that can cause the shoes/handbags inside the box to expose to the fresh air , moistures and fungus.

Hint 3:

Check the silica gel status after a few weeks and see if the silica gel needs to be regenerated or replaced. Once the replacement of the first batch of the silica gel, you can then check your shoe box every 6 months or longer as long as you keep the sealing tight and no structure damage on the box. Don't be lazy, put the date in your diary  if you want to keep your shoes/handbags as good as they should be! You will find that it is all worth it! :)

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