How to take care of your LIPO

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You are never too careful around a LIPO battery. Please BEWARE that a well looked after battery is SAFE & gives LONGER LIFE.

Never leave batteries inside a car on a hot day or any other place where temperature may exceed 140F / 60C.

Although environmentally friendly, lithium polymer cells must be FULLY discharged before disposal. Use a resistor setup (light bulbs, for example) to accomplish this, to avoid the possibility of a short-induced fire after disposal.

Immediately discharge damaged batteries at 1/2 C rate and dispose.

Do not put the loose cells in a pocket, bag, or drawer where they could short-circuit against other items, or the battery tabs could be pressed against each other.

Do not place the loose cells on any conductive surface, such as a metal-topped table.

We recommend purchasing pre-assembled packs rather than assembling packs from loose cells.

Take care that the cells are not punctured, especially by metallic objects like hobby knives.

If the electrolyte in the cells should get on your skin, thoroughly wash with soap and water. If in the eyes, rinse thoroughly with cool water. Immediately seek medical attention for this, or for burns.
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