How to take care of your pets during the holiday season.

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As the holiday season starts, everyone wants to relish it in full mood with full energy and without any stiffness and fear. But the people who are having pets are concerned about their loved ones as it is human nature. There are 2 possibilities when you go away from home to enjoy your holidays.
1. Travelling with pet.
2. Travelling without pet.

Travelling with pet: If you are travelling with your pet then you will need to take care of certain things. Many people travel by car, so it is easier for them to enjoy the holidays with their pet everywhere. In case, you are travelling by Airline, you will need to keep many things in your mind:

Book Your Tickets: You should book your tickets early to get best prices and services. Many airlines have their own pet policies so you should personally confirm with them about all your pet details e.g., breed, weight, food, space availability, charges etc.

Carry All The Things Which Your Pet Loves: You should carry all things of your pet such as bed, cloths, favourite food and toys etc. Some pets are not comfortable with new place and food so you can use these things to keep them happy always.

Important Things Should Be Carried: You should always carry these things either when you travel by the car or Air plane such as, first aid kit of pet, medicine, Pet's license with identification tags including your mobile number and specially his veterinarian contact number in case of emergency.

Never leave your pet alone/unattended at anywhere either in the car or at airport and keep all the ticket details/ boarding passes in handy to avoid time waste and inconveniences.   

Travelling without pet: If you decide to leave your pet at home then you have several options.

Hire A Pet Sitter: A pet sitter is a good option compared to kennel so he/she will take care of your pet either taking them at their home or will come to your home as per the pet comfortableness. The pet sitter will stay with your dog/cat or will check them in frequently.

Hire A Pet Walker: If your dog is comfortable alone at home and only wants to walk twice a day then pet walker is the best option for it. As he will come and give your dog a walk.

Drop Your Pet In A Kennel: Of course it is an expensive option, but they provide excellent care to your pet. They have an expert team and big space to manage all animals.You should plan these activities as soon as possible to get availability, best prices and services so you can enjoy your holiday without any hassle.

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Have a fantastic Holiday Season!!!

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