How to take clear digital macro shots for jewellery

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It is hard to take clear shots that reflect accurate colour with jewellery items, macro shots often turn out wrong, flash over expose, results the shot looks cheap and unprofessional.

So how to use a compact camera to take a macro shot with jewellery that has diamonds, or refective crystals on it?

Get a few piece of white photocopy paper, use reflex, and not the recycle one (the background would turn out grey), fold paper in half so the paper can sit on a 90% angle on a table top.

Choose a well lit spot and take the shot on a sunny day. Have the table move close to a window so the stones on the jewellery will have the maximum lights to reflex its sparkles.

Set digital camera to day light in shade mode (because you are indoor), set marco on camera, turn off flash, and focus camera on the metal part when you half press the shuttle button continue to hold down, then once the camera has lock in the focus, check your image on view finder and refocus until the stone/s or crystals on the jewellery item is in focus and clear, you might have to move your camera distance from the jewellery item a little bit. Then hit the shuttle button.

Your picture should turn out as sharp as this one.

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