How to take quality Ebay photos & increase your profit

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Not only is Ebay a fantastic way to sell items around the house but its a great platform to boost a current business or even start your own. When buying or selling on Ebay, photos pay an integral part in ensuring that you receive the most value for your item. When first taking photos, ensure your item is cleaned thoroughly. (This will take time but its worth the price difference, no one wants to buy a dirty item.) Next, lay your item on a seamless background. This makes your item stand out and look professional. Your background can be paper or cloth and predominately black or white but red and blue works as well. Once your background is set up, the next key part in taking professional photos is lighting. Strong lighting positioned correctly brings out the true colors in your item. To be sure that your photo looks as close to your item in real life, try to defuse to light with soft translucent material to reduce harsh shadows. Try to bounce light into the dark shadows, by using white reflective materials such as white cardboard, a small mirror or aluminum foil. Anything to bring light into those dark areas. To be sure your photos look as professional as possible, have you camera set on a tripod to reduce any blurring from movement. Once the lighting is correct, the positioning of your item is crucial. Make sure you take photos from every angle, so the buyer can see the entire item and any defects that may be present. Make sure you take photos of tags, brands and model numbers. Any information that may be helpful to your seller upon purchase. Be sure to take photos of your item preferably with its original box, as people look at items differently. Remember when taking photos the cleanliness of your item is important, use a seamless background to focus the buyers attention on the product, use lighting to its full capacity (play with angles and light defusion) and lastly take as many photos of possible to show all angles and any defects. I hope this guide was of help, when photos are taken professionally this automatically increases your sale price. If this guide was helpful please click yes below. Thank you and happy shooting.
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