How to tell a fake Bugaboo Cameleon

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There are several different type fakes here in Australia and around the world, so here are a few things to look out for if buying a Bugaboo.

The first fakes that came out in late 2008 had black seats on silver frames and have no bugaboo logo on the black seat like the real ones on the ltd ed black frames do.

Some have silver spokes on the wheels where it should be black. This was seen a lot in the second batch of fakes that hit last year.

Also a lot of fake seat units have extra velcro straps on them like the bassinet does. The seat units should only have 2 velcro straps at the bottom and the strap with the buckle for the seat that goes across the eye pins and under the seat, any extra velcro straps on the base seat will indicate it is a fake.

Fake toppings have the logo's set higher than the authentic and also most of the time the logo rings are all the same thickness and not different like they should be. The other give away is the cheaply made boxes the fabric sets come in; they aren't white on the inside so the cardboard is "brown" and not coated and often have the word "fleece" instead of canvas on them.

The back foam wheels on a fake Bugaboo won’t have "bugaboo" embossed on them either.

There are also fake black frame cammy's too. These are usually sold with the silver spokes on them. Also the fake ltd ed off white cammy has a white basket (should be black), doesn't have the black hood lining and the bugaboo logo rings aren't black like they should be either.

Another point to make is the newer fake Bugaboo's now have fake serial number stickers on the chassis, so this is no longer an easy way to spot a fake. Most however still lack the warning labels and they all have white brakes (please note that the authentic Bugaboo's from the US and UK/eu countries have white brakes too). Most of the fake Bugaboo's are drop shipped from China and poorly made (the material is very thin, not thick like the real Bugaboo's). A lot of listings with only a stock pic with "shipping only, no pick-up" and only low feedbacks or 0 are most likely for fake Bugaboo's, so ask the seller for a real photo to make sure the item is authentic, if they tell you it is coming straight from the warehouse it is a fake as Bugaboo do not sell straight from their warehouse, only to authorised re-sellers. This also brings me to my last point, no Bugaboo's sold on eBay will come with a warranty, Bugaboo is very tight on their warranty claims and will only process a warranty claim if you have the original receipt from an authorised Bugaboo retailer.

Editing this guide as it's been awhile since I wrote it and fakes have caught up with more 'realistic' copies.  Fakes can now come with red brakes, they are usually bright red like the c3 versions but on gen2 cams.  This is not always an indicator as some that had their brakes replaced are more red than the maroon colour most are, but it is a warning sign.

With the fake all black cams, the seat frame should not be black where the hood rod clamps go, this should always be silver on all models regardless.  If it is black, it is a fake.

Fakes can now have bugaboo embossed on the tyres.  If it is an older fake it won't have Bugaboo embossed, newer ones often do.

They usually have the crotch strap sewn in lower than authentic buagboos.

And there are also fake bee+ bugaboos that have been around for over a year now.  Even Bugaboo themselves are having trouble telling the difference.  I have a few photos up on my facebook group, but they are very good copies.

As always, I would recommend buying new from an authorized retailer which can be found on the Bugaboo website.

Hopefully this helps, but if anyone needs photo's, I have set up a facebook page with the images, just search 'How to spot a fake Bugaboo' in groups and I'm more than happy if you want to send me a message, either via eBay or facebook if you would like some advice on your Bugaboo's authenticity or one you are looking at purchasing :)

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