How to tell fake LV, PRADA etc designer brands on eBay?

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Recently I almost got ripped off by fake PRADA wallet on Ebay.

The brand new PRADA wallet was advertised as genuine PRADA, even I emailed seller asking if seller can guarantee genuine PRADA to prepare for lodging dispute to Paypal when I find out it is fake. The seller did guarantee in writing that it is authentic. 

I then contact those buyers from feedback forum asking them if they have taken the wallet to PRADA for authentication, all buyers did not do that as they don’t normally do that if they do not suspect this. But one replied me that it is more likely a fake one despite that there is authentication card with barcode etc.

Later on, guess what, I found some website wholesaling fake designer's products in unbelievable low price, these links I provided is to let you know what's happening out there, not encourage you to sell counterfeit items. It is illegal.

www . ioffer . com/search/items/prada
See you can even buy PRADA metal triangle tag at $5.10

www . ioffer . com/i/new-lv-louis-vuitton-black-damier-wallet-with-gift-bag-154635103
This wallet costs AUD$640 in official LV outlet. Now only $5.10

www . ioffer . com/i/louis-vuitton-lv-mens-wallet-usa-seller-serial-m60930-94671801
(I compared mine from Chadston LV shop, many differences I spotted)

www . ioffer . com/i/ralph-lauren-polo-spain-flag-mens-big-pony-polo-shirts-151274235
This Polo T shirt cost $169 in official RL shop. Fake item asking $20.1

There are a lot more counterfeit wholesale sites I located. In, you can even see the communication record between buyer and seller negotiating price:

www . ioffer . com/i/ralph-lauren-polo-spain-flag-mens-big-pony-polo-shirts-151274235  (scroll down to see the communication)

You don't have to be smart to tell these are counterfeit.

You may ask that the item on photos looks very good. Well, those items are taken from official brand name website or other digital advertising materials. of course they look good and high quality. You do not mind if it is counterfeit or not as it is much cheaper. Wait, can you guarantee you receive the same quality? 

For high quality counterfeit, you shall expect to pay 40-50% of genuine item. Price below this mark, good luck to you.

Note that designer's items only available in official outlet. they do not have resellers, agency etc. For LV, you can only buy from LV. (except perfume, sun glasses etc.)

Of course, some individuals do sell their genuine items for update design from time to time (For leather products, ask for close up photo of inner fabric, stitching, zipper, zipper puller, logo stamping etc. ) Also, check the seller's feedback see how many item of the same the seller sold. if more than one, hey, will you buy more than one of the same design then resell it?

Whenever you see "bargain" on designers products on ebay, think twice, unless you are happy to pay less for counterfeit. Otherwise, rather buy one from official outlet.

Now it is time for you to think, if you want to pay full price for a genuine item OR 40~50% of the price to get a counterfeit.

Well, if you do not care, probably you won't find my review anyway and you just go and get it. Otherwise, you are too naive to believe you got a great big bargain

Good Luck!


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