How to tell if a Les Mill's CD or DVD is genuine?

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Note: Some Les Mills releases being sold on eBay are not genuine originals. How can you tell if they are genuine or not???
  • The playing side of the CD or DVD is either gold, purple, blue or greenish in colour. If it is, then it is a burnt copy. Les Mills originals are commercially pressed and are pure silver in colour.
  • The printed side of the DVD, if wetted with water will become tacky and the ink will begin to smudge. Les Mills originals are printed via a commercial screen print process and are colour fast and water resistant.
  • On the underside of the CD/DVD, Les Mills originals will have the distributors name or the release number laser etched directly onto the plastic inner ring of the disc. It will be something like 'Fitness Professionals Ltd' (FitPro/BTS distribute Les Mills in the UK and various other countries) or something like BP66 (for BodyPump 66), BS71 (for BodyStep 71) or the actual name etc such as 'Body Attack 61'. See the following examples:

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