How to treat others on e-bay.

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      E-bay  has been a great way for me to buy, and also sell.

I am a firm believer of  treating people well.  A little effort,go's a long way.

I also made a choice to always pay on time, and if at all possible the same day.

Communication is vital, and a  attitude of respect for the other person.It's quite sad

to see some people,just not care and makes me  wonder ''how would they like the same treatment back?''.

The answer to that is''they wouldn't''.I have had some really top people buy from me, and I have bought from some great people right back!...Integrity,is my 1st

duty to all I buy from and sell too..Being honest 100%, to me is my commitment.

THANK YOU to all my wonderful e-bay friends.(To those few who gave me such a difficult time...please try your best, with others~bad ratings are not something to strive for).


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