How to unblock your ducted vacuum system

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  1. Check the filter bag:
  • Is the bag too full?
  • Is the bag clogged up with fine powdery matter?
We recommend that you replace your ducted vacuum filter bag every 6 months.
  1. Check the filter screen underneath the bag:
  • Is the filter screen, located under the filter bag and flat metal plate clean and clear of ant fluff or lint?
When replacing the metal plate, ensure that it is standing on its small feet.
  1. Examine the power unit?
  • Is the lid on securely?
  • Has the rubber ring around the pipe, to which the filter bag attaches to inside the drum, leaking air or come loose?
  1. For twin motor power units, check if both motors are spinning.
  • Remove the lid and filter bag from the machine, turn the power unit on briefly then off. Check if both motors are spinning.
  • Remove lid and filter bag from the machine, turn the power unit on briefly and off, checking if both motors are spinning.
Our website, sells both parts and motors for a variety of power units. New motors come with a one year warranty. Browse through new power units to compare the cost of repair and replacement. We offer a minimum four year warranty on our machines. 
  1. Check the hose for blockages (perform these tests when the hose is not connected to the system) :
  • Coin test: Drop a coin or other small object down the hose to see if it is clear.
  • Garden hose test: push a garden hose or a similar object through the Ducted Vacuum hose if there is a stubborn blockage. Do not turn on the water!
  • Tools: Check the cleaning tools are clear of any blockages. Hair pins and other slender objects can get stuck and catch other debris over time, forming a blockage.  
  1. Check the pipe work:
  • Are all the inlet valve doors sealing completely shut?
  • Is there low suction at all the inlet valves?
If some points have low suction and other points have good suction, this could indicate where a blockage in the pipe work is. If the inlet doors are not sealing completely, the inlet valve may be broken. On our website you can browse through different colours and styles to find the inlet valve most suited to your home. 

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