How to upgrade headlights in Mitsubishi EVO/Lancer

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What is the difference between Vland LED headlights and original EVO headlights?

  1. Original EVO headlights use halogen bulb in its high beam and low beam , the light is too dim while Vland headlights use HID bulb to enhance the visibility when driving in a dark environment.  
  2. Original EVO headlights do not come with DRL while Vland headlights use premium Audi style LED bar to upgrade the appearance of the vehical.
  3.  Vland headlights use Q5 lens to project brighter light which will make your drive safer and reduce the risk of accident.
  4. Vland headlights use demon light to make vehical more fashionable.  Demon light is a kind of LED light which can change the color of lens but will not change the color of light. Demon light will work when the DRL is turned on .
  5. Vland headlights come with dual beam which can transform high beam to low beam or low beam to high beam by the device installed in the headlights . Drivers only need to use one bulb to project both high beam light and low beam light.
  6. Original EVO headlights use halogen bulbs around 3000K .Compared to the HID bulb which is greater than 5000K, halogen bulb is a lot dimmer. Moreover, HID bulbs have a longer life span which is ten times longer than halogen bulbs while consume electricity 40% less than halogen bulbs.
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