How to use Australia prepaid post satchels

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I have used Australia post satchels for a while, and I am quite happy with Australia prepaid post satchels.

Australia post and eBay have worked to together to make eBay selling much easier and manageable and cheaper, best of all tractable.

Where you can get satchels? You can purchase from eBay website or from Australia post website with free shipping to your door without quantity limits. All satchels come in packs of five with 500g or 3kg. Discounts apply for purchases of more than one pack. Also cartoon boxes are available too.

How to use satchels? First register to click and send on Australia post website with username and password, then you can log in to link your eBay ID. So you can click the sold items from Australia post website instead of eBay website, fill in the unique number of each satchel, and fill in the label for both seller and buyer addresses. Then you need to pay postage fee using your credit card. After paying off postage, you will get a label with both seller and buyer addresses. Meantime, you will get a track number straight away next to your eBay sold item, and you sold item will be marked as sent automatically. Print the label and put it in front pouch of the satchel and seal properly.

The next step you can put your sold item in the satchels and seal tightly, and you can drop to the red box of post office where is nearby to your home.

The last step is how to track your parcels? Still log in the same page you log in the click and send page with your username and password, you can check your parcels being delivered.  

The best of Australia satchels is tractable to avoid shipping lost and It will save you a lot hassles for the shipping. Give peace of mind for both sellers and buyers. Also, the satchel is standard and looks professional without price on it. The prepaid post satchel is cheaper compared with registered parcel.

Some tips for using with Australia prepaid post satchels. When you purchase the satchels, it takes ages to get satchels, so purchase the satchels a long time in advance. In case you are in a hurry, and you cannot get from post office only from online. Also, the pouch of each satchel for the label seems not seal tightly sometimes, so I always put extra tape to seal security. Just in case the label comes out and loses the parcel. Also, sometimes it could be a little bit time consuming when you are not very familiar with the whole process. Several times my label just disappeared for no reason and I rang the “click and send”, my labels were sent back. So check out every step carefully, and follow the procedure closely when you are not familiar with it.

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