How to use Harvest Moon Australia Ritual Oil Blends

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 Our blends are made up of the purest  Essential Oils which contain their own energies and magical properties but it is also important to cast your own energy and intent into the working.
 All magical workings involve being in a magical state of mind. Or put another way, intense relaxed concentration. We can do this by completely relaxing the body and focusing the mind on our intent. Some find it helpful to slowly relax the body one muscle at a time until everything melts away but our thoughts. With enough practice one can "switch on" their magical state of mind. Some will dance wildly or drum to enter that altered state of consciousness. Its a personal preference. But whichever way we go about it we must raise energy and infuse it with our intent. This takes patience and practice.

 Below are some effective uses for our ritual oil blends.

A popular way to use ritual oil blends is candle magic. You can use a specific oil (such as  protection or  prosperity) or you can use the all purpose  anointing oil to give the magic any intent you desire. This is true for all types of magical working using anointing oil.
 Candle magic is as simple as it is effective. After getting yourself completely relaxed into a magical meditative state, anoint your candle with the oil. You can use a coloured candle that matches your intent (green for money, pink for love etc) or you can use an all purpose white candle. 
 After anointing your candle, light it and concentrate on the flame while you visualise your magic manifesting. You can leave the candle to burn down while it releases the magical intent into the universe or you can snuff it out and repeat the process again over the next few days.
 Anointing the body is also another popular way to use ritual oil blends. For example you could place  love oil  on your wrist or neck to attract love to yourself. This can also be accomplished with  attraction oil. In fact you can attract anything you want with attraction oil. You can anoint the body with any of the oils to work personal magic. This type of magic is especially useful for protection and healing.

 Having a meditative bath with magical oil blends is another way to utilse the magical properties within the oil. Using  banishing oil in a ritual bath is highly effective as you can visual whatever it is you wish to banish (bad habits, pimples, toxic people, the list is endless!) going down the drain in the bath water when you're finished. Using  healing oil in a magical bath for self healing is also a great combination as its so relaxing while you visualise yourself being healed. Of course we recommend seeking medical advice if issues are severe.

Anointing objects and infusing them with magical energies is also a common way to use ritual oil blends. Finding symbolic objects, such as  crystals or charms and anointing them before either wearing them or carrying them on you, make powerful amulets and talisman. Not everyone agrees on what exactly amulets and talisman are. It was always my understanding that amulets are used to attract ( e.g. luck, good heath, fertility) and talisman are used to repel (e.g. negative energy, sickness). It really doesn't matter what you call them. Its the intent that counts.

 There are many uses for Harvest Moon Australia ritual oil blends.  Purification oil can be sprinkled along door ways or around the perimeter of your property to cleanse your space.
Protection oil can be used to mark above door ways with a pentagram to protect your home.
Our blends can be also be used as massage oils.

Magic is flexible and how you create it is only limited to your imagination.

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