How to use Moneybookers for safe transactions online

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Moneybookers is a online payment system that is secure yet has very low cost for fees. Receiving any money is free. Sending money and receiving money is via email. Similar to Paypal.

Furthermore, it is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of the United Kingdom for total security. The biggest cost saving point is the cost. Uploading of funds are virtually free. Withdrawing funds has a MAXIMUM of 1.80 EUR. Withdraw money via bank transfer: € 1.80 flat fee Withdraw money via cheque: € 3.50 flat fee Withdraw money via credit/debit card (Visa only): € 1.80 flat fee And transferring or paying someone, has a MAXIMUM of 50 cents EURO. NOTE: Maximum. That means that is the most you will ever pay. Therefore even higher valued transactions, you'll be saving more money as compared to other payments.

For example if using Paypal, or most other online credit card systems, you have to pay a percentage. Say $50 and 2% of that is $1. That is already more than Moneybookers MAXIMUM. The "hidden" cost in Paypal is great. Withdrawing there is a big fee and currency conversion rates. Plus the discount rate (percentage) or tax rate of at least 2% and a minimum fee. This is the same as other online payment such as 2co (2checkout), Paysystems, Worldpay. They charge alot more and all these could be saved using Moneybookers. You do not have to be a finance manager to figure out the savings in the long run. If you're a top seller in eBay or operate some online business, this is the way to go.

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