How to use Paper Punches

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How to use Paper Punches.

Punches can add a very nice decorative ellement to your scrapbooking and other paper carfts. They can either brighten them up or add focus to a special message or photo. Punches are also great if you want to make a decorative header or border.

Some of the tricks I have learnt over the years are:

  1. Before you use a punch on your good cardstock or paper cut out a few punches using wax paper. Sometimes wax paper can get stuck so another tip for 1st application of a new punch is to soap up some cardstock. Punc a half dozen times and your punch will be smoother.
  2. To sharpen a punch you can use Aluminum foil in your punch and punch out a few. Don't trow these away as they can add a great metal look to your work aswell.
  3. Use  light pencil lines to align punch area with centreline marks on top and sides.
  4. Never use a punch in your hands. Always place punch on a hard surface such as a table or bench.
  5. Most punches can be used upside down so you dont need to waste lots of paper or cardstock.
  6. Don't be tempted to puch more then 1 sheet of cardstock or paper at a time. When I first started using punches I did and I can tell you there were a lot of jamed up punches and a lot of un usable punch outs.
  7. Large punches do need 2 hands and a nice firm press.
  8. Place double sided tape on your paper or cardstock before you start punching. So much easier then trying to glue them after they have been punched. You can also use a xyron sticker machine if you have one.
  9. Don't throw out those punch outs use them as a negative on a page.
  10. Save some time and punch out lots of the same punch before you start your project. They can be stored in an Embellishment box or any other container that has compartments in it. This just makes life easier for your next project.

Preserve your memories using decorative punches. Use the punched out images to decorate everything from cards, envelopes to scrapbook pages and more. It's easy and fast to punch out shapes, letters etc from paper and cardstock.

Happy Punching!!

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