How to use Pigments & Glitters

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How to use pigments & Glitters
Pigments are a great multi purpose make up product that can be used for any thing from eyeshadow through to nail polish.
However not all pigments are approved for use on the lip or eye so please read the labels carefully. Glitters are not recommended for use in the eye area as small particles can fall into the eye causing irritation.
Body shimmers: Add your favourite shimmery pigments to your body lotions for a luminescent glow.
Eyeliner: dip your eyeliner brush in a little mixing medium and then dip the damp brush into your pigment. Tip: Visine works perfectly and is a lot cheaper than commercially available mixing mediums.  

Eyeshadow: Best applied over a base such as UDPP as this helps with the adhesion of the powder, Apply wet with a mixing medium for a more vibrant eye popping effect (applying wet pigments as eye shadow is referred to as foiling)  
Hair Glitter: Add to a hair balm, gel or wax for shimmery/ glittery hair
Hair hight Lights: mix the pigment with a little water and use to add colorful highlights to your hair.

Lip balm: Take a clear coloured lip balm and mix in a little pigment, If the balm is solid and hard to mix place it in a small dish over a bowl of hot water or microwave for a few seconds until it is at the right consistency for mixing.

Nail Polish: take a bottle of clear nail polish and add the pigment to it or pour the polish into a dish and mix with the pigment as needed.
A nude/neutral pigment can be added to your foundation for a subtle glow.
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