How to use a printer at very little cost

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A couple of years ago I was living in Manila; at that time I had dragged my trusty Laser printer all the way from WA Oz.
In no time due to the humidity it drop it`s bundle forcing me to buy another printer.
Being strapped for cash somewhat I purchased a HP deskjet... there was no reason picking HP other then it was the only printer available in my price range that could duplex ( I print reference books, so need to use both sides of the paper}
This printer came with a colour and a black cartridge, I soon realised it was going to cost me a fortune to use this printer, I only print in black but the cartridge  only lasted about 400 pages.
In the local Mall there was a cartridge refill station, this brought the cost down about 50% but was still eating into my profit margin.
After much arm twisting  the manager agreed to sell me just the ink.
My wife purchased a hyperdermic syringe from the drugstore.
And  the cost of printing plummeted.
Now I expected with luck, a cartridge to pack up after one or two refills/ But no! on and on went this same cartridge...I am still using it and filling it about every 4 days; so conservitively it has been refilled 150 times
and still prints  ok.
Not bad considering the makers say they are only good for the one time!
So if you want to try... you have nothing to lose. Buy some ink, in bulk its available and a plastic hypo needle from the Chemist.
Peel back gently the label... underneath there are 4 to 6 holes, gently empty the contents of the syringe equally into each hole, then replace the label... best do all this over a sink as the ink can make a real mess.
If at the beginning the printer keeps trying to reject the cartridge just remove and keep inserting it, in the end the printer keeps quiet and from then on it accepts the cartridge each time.
Just dont let the cartridge run right out at anytime, but also dont overfill.
This for sure works with the cartridge HP96. its well worth trying others. barrios booksales
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