How to use ink stamps with courier/mailer bags/satchels

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Ink stamps save time

They're great for quickly applying a return address, or a postage paid mark to a parcel, but...

Ink stamps do not like plastic Satchels

We've tried applying ink stamps to all sorts of plastic satchels. In our experience, it doesn't matter if they're from Australia Post or Fedex, big or small, or glossy or matte. Regular stamp inks just refuse to dry on the plastic surface. It's easy enough to apply an ink stamp, and the impression is clear and vivid, but if you run your finger over it, even days later, the ink will smudge or even wipe off completely.

The Solution? Sticky tape!!!

Tape works well with plastic satchels. It's removable, with effort, but it otherwise stays on throughout the parcels journey. By applying a suitably sized piece of transparent tape over your stamp impression on the plastic bag, the ink is protected from smudging or degradation. Admittedly it does require a little extra effort to apply the tape, but it's still quicker than applying the details by hand, and transparent packing tape is usually cheaper than printing self-adhesive labels.

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