How to use music to get your baby or toddler to sleep

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One of the biggest frustrations for parents  is the lack of sleep. Parents will do anything to help their babies fall -- and stay -- asleep.   Music is one very effective way to get your baby to go to sleep.

The environment that your baby enjoyed for nine long months in the womb was not one of absolute quiet. There was a constant symphony of sound - your heartbeat and fluids rushing in and out of the placenta. (Remember those sounds from when you listened to your baby's heartbeat with the Doppler stethoscope?) Research indicates that "white noise" sounds or soft bedtime music helps many babies to relax and fall asleep more easily. This is most certainly because these sounds create an environment more familiar to your baby than a very quiet room.

Many people enjoy using soothing music as their baby's sleep sound. If you do, choose bedtime music carefully. Some music (including jazz and most classical music) is too complex and stimulating. For music to be soothing to your baby pick simple, repetitive, predictable music, like traditional lullabies

Lullabies and soft music can really contribute to the sleep state and there's no doubt that soothing sounds can help produce calm and relaxation, for both babies and parents.

Instead of going for traditional boring lullabies why not introduce your baby to your favourite music via Rockabye baby.  Rockabye Baby! is a series of CDs geared toward infants and newborns, containing instrumental lullaby versions popular rock bands including The Beatles, Nirvanna and Metallica.

This CMH Records series debuted in 2006, and garnered many reviews from the music and entertainment industry.  Rockabye Baby CDs were included in gift bags given to all of the presenters and performers at the 49th Annual Grammy Awards.

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