How to wear a Kangol hat

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How to wear a Kangol Hat

Hats have become staples in most peoples wardrobes these days, but not everyone knows how to wear them. In this guide I explain the basics as to how wear a Kangol - the most recognizable headwear company in the world.

Hats are a fantastic way to up your style - a way to set yourself apart from every other 'average Joe' out there. When you put on a hat with an outfit, you whole personality changes. You have to be confident and carry yourself really well, especially with 'out there' hat styles.

What type of hat should you wear?

It really depends what you are comfortable with. If you have been a hat wearer before, you would know what you are comfortable in. Some people prefer baseball caps (perfect to wear when you don't feel like fixing your hair) where as others prefer to wear fedoras, ivy caps etc. Don't be afraid to try something new.

Where should I wear it? What is good etiquette?

You can wear a Kangol (or any other hat for that matter) pretty much anywhere you go. If you are a lady, you don't necessarily have to take the hat off when you go inside a building.

If you are wearing a beret or another hat which has a logo on the side you can follow the early days of etiquette: women wear the hat with the logo on the right side, men wear the logo on the left side.

How do I know if I am wearing the right size?

As a general rule, while wearing your hat, if you shake your head and it moves - then its too big.

Should you tuck your ears in?

It depends. If you are wearing it high on your head then leave them out. If you're pulling it down, then definitely keep the ears in, especially if you are female.

What material hat should I buy?

Don't be afraid to use alternative materials like organic cotton, bamboo etc. Kangol has been carrying these hats since 2004 as more people are becoming aware of environmentally sustainable materials.

How do I store a hat?

Most people store their hats crown-up on a shelf or table. This tends to bend the brim (especially if with trilby's & fedoras) over time. Try to store your hats on its crown because its the most sturdy part of the hat and keeps the brim in-tact.


- If you are wearing a knit cap (especially women), do leave your hair showing somewhat. This goes for berets et al. Leave wisps of hair showing and position the hat so that it doesn't look crammed on.

- If you are wearing denim jeans, a great way to dress yourself up is to add a suitable hat (try to wear a non-denim hat if possible).


- Dont cram your hat onto your head. Set it on your head and then kind of push it to place. You shouldn't have to 'work' to get into a hat.

- I suggest you stay away from matchy looks. Example: Wearing a leather hat with a leather jacket or a denim hat with a denim jacket etc.

- Dont use a hat to save a poor outfit. A hat should complement a look, not save it. Choose your outfit before you choose your hat, not the other way around.

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Thank you for reading my guide. If you found it helpful, please share it around or comment below!

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