How to win a sale and build a good sellers reputation

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Selling is an art. Simply listing an item for sale on ebay and hoping for the best just won't do if you wish to increase the final sales price and keep a respectable profile.

The golden rule when selling on ebay would have to be: Do unto others as you would want done to you" In other words, treat bidders and other ebayers respectfully.

- Always answer questions- promptly- an unanswered question is a lost bid.

-Describe your item, honestly. Include details of damage and condition in the item description, always take clear photographs so that bidders know what it is exactly that they are bidding on. However practice describing your item in an apealing way. All items have their positives. For example instead of stating: "Patterned Led light lamp shade for sale" You may state: "Gorgeous Glass Led Light Lamp Shade For Sale- intricate pattern which is displayed beautifully when lit up- Complements any room- makes for a wonderful vocal point in the home" Focus on what makes your item different from all the others- is it antique? One of a kind? A rare colour? An expensive brand? A bargain? Whatever it is spell it out when you describe your item.

-Make good use of ebays options when it comes to display upgrades- an extra $2 spent on adding that extra photo or highlighting the item title could mean the difference between a really good final sale price and one which is so-so.

-At the completion of the auction, email the winning bidder clear payment instructions and congratulate them on their win. It may help to stipulate that if any difficulties arise that the buyer contact you before leaving feedback. If there are problems, take the time to communicate with the buyer and come to some sort of resolution- Bad feedback does affect how other ebayers view you and their descision to deal with you.

-Mail the item promptly- and mail within the timeframe which you stipulate in your postage information, also offer insurance and combined postage- this encourages sales.

-Offering a refund policy will take the fear out of bidders- and if you are selling honestly you shouldn't need to refund!

-Email the buyer any information relating to shipping delays. Good manners may also mean emailing the buyer when you mail the item so they know when to expect the item in the post

-At the completion of the transaction leave positive feedback, although taking more time, leaving positive, descriptive comments also will assist both the buyer and other ebayers in future transactions.

-Finally, abide by all ebay rules and policies. Ebay is like any other type of community, if we work together, are honest and respect each other and ebay management then we will all get along just fine and make the ebay experience a positive one for all.


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