How to win on eBay

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How to Win on eBay

by Vodarat

I will not claim to be a genius in winning on eBay. However I can say I am experienced. I - like most eBayers - hate it when I lose an item I really want. I will however give some pointers on how to make it easier to win on eBay.

  1. Money Is No Issue For Me.
  • If money is no issue for you then bid REALLY high. EG: If the current bid is for $10.00 bid $110! After a few attempts at bidding, most people (including myself) will lose interest and look elsewhere. If you win the item... you pay only what the next highest bid was.
     2. Watch With The Eyes Of The Wolf.
  • If you are quick with the mouse, you can get the last bid in the dying seconds of an auction. Simply hit F5 in your browser to constantly refreshing the screen, while holding the mouse cursor over the PLACE BID Button. This way... as soon as you have been 'Out Bid' you can hit the button and place your bid. Quick as that.
  • Another way is to install the eBay toolbar on your browser. For this go to this link for eBay Toolbar and follow eBay's instructions
     3. eBay on the Move!!!
  • Have you got a mobile phone? Is it GPRS (web browsing) compatible? Surf your Phone Browser to eBay Mobile!!! eBay on the move!

That's it from me for now... keep watching this space for more informative guides, and reviews!

This is Vodarat Signing Off!

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