How to win that 'must have' item.

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Stalking your Prey

-Once you have browsed ebay for a while and found that perfect item simply save it to favourites on your web browser.

-Now it is important here that you don't prematurely bid. (Wait it out)

-Assuming the item has a few days left, check it reguarly every day to see how the prospective price is unfolding.

-If the price seems to be going higher than expected, give it a miss, there will always be others.

Taking what's yours

-After carefully monitoring the desired item, wait until about 1.5 minutes before the auction end to make the bid.

-This will leave you with sufficient time to sign in, punch in the amount you want to bid and to confirm it.

-With only seconds to go your bidding opponent will be left with too little time to make another higher bid, thus the item is yours.

Enough said...

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