How to win your bid-for buyers

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Have you ever been bidding on something you really wanted and someone comes in at the last minute to outbid you and win your item that you so dearly wanted and thought you already had in the bag?

If  your wanted item has other similar listings , place all in your watched items section. Place a fairly low bid on items that end soonest, and keep watching your other items.

Ebay will send you an Item not won email and suggest other similar items in this email. 

On a 7 day listing, try not to bid too early, wait until the last  hour and place a very high bid there as your maximum bid, chances are that those bidding against you will not have time to place another higher bid than yours. You can still purchase at the bid price , it won't reach a very high maximum in 1 hour, and chances are if it does , then you can leave it and go to your other watched similar items.

Contacting the seller can yeild great results, they may have a similar item coming up , so you may not miss out after all.

Go to item description and click on "ask the seller a question".

Please do not bid on items that you are not sure that you want to pay for promptly and recieve, you will receive negative  or neutral feedback if you do not pay as the seller requires.

Always read the sellers directions, regarding payment and postage instructions.Most sellers accept paypal, but not all , look to see if your seller prefers a bank deposit. Following the sellers instructions will result in very positive feedback for you.Always leave positive feedback for the seller as soon as you receive your item. If your item is not recieved in the time suggested by the seller, please contact the seller before you contact eBay.

Happy Bidding and Buying!



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