Huge Direct Mail Order Marketing Resource 301 Secrets

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A highly recommended ebook resource for anyone attempting any form of direct mail and marketing project.  Writen by a master in the field, Bill Myers.

The information, techniques, tips, secrets and psychological movtivation contained in the book are timeless gems to set you on the road to mail order and marketing success!

Even if you are not new to this and already know a thing or two about Mail Order and Marketing, this invaluable ebook is still a must.  Amongst other things the ebook covers the following important topics:

  • The Ten Commandments of Direct Mail
  • How to Choose The Right Customers
  • How to Select Hot Products
  • Understanding the Sales Letter
  • Getting in the Mood To Write A Sales Letter
  • How to Creat Powerful Headlines
  • How to Phrase Your Greetings
  • How to Write Dynamic Body Copy
  • Using Words That Sell
  • Order Form Secrets
  • Getting the Envelope Opened
  • Creating Layouts for Maximum Sales
  • Printing The Package
  • Profitable Mailing Strategies
  • Getting the Post Office to Work in Your Favor
  • Maximizing Profits With Back End Offers

The ebook also includes a Project Checklist to ensure you stay on-track and you've ticked all the right boxes ensuring maximum chances of success before you launch your campaign.

This is a highly educational book not to be missed. 

You can find this ebook and many many other great resources quickly by simply clicking on the following link EBOOK INFORMATION PUBLISHING

Hope you enjoy!

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