Hugo Boss Fragrance Buying Guide

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Hugo Boss Fragrance Buying Guide

Manufacturers make fragrances from a variety of plant, animal, and synthetic products. How they combine the materials is what determines the smell of the fragrance. Companies like Hugo Boss make several scents for men and women. Everyone is unique and prefers different smells, so having a variety allows shoppers to find a scent that fits their personality. Some people wear the same fragrance all the time, while others have several that they were for specific occasions or rotate all of the time. Either way, shoppers can learn about the various Hugo Boss fragrances to find one that is a perfect fit for them.

Understanding Fragrances

Fragrances play a big role in sensory responses. People often recognise each other's scent. Since a fragrance is so recognisable, it is important to select one that people want to be remembered by.

Every kind of scent varies in strength and how long it lasts. To help classify them, manufacturers group them into categories called notes. Often the notes of a fragrance are included within the product description.

Fragrance Note


Top Note

Top notes are what people first notice when they smell the fragrance; these notes are also the weakest scents and do not last long; usually sweet, fruity smells are top notes

Middle Note

Middle notes are the body of the fragrance; they last longer than the top notes and are what most people remember about the scent.

Base Note

Base notes generally consist of a strong, musk scent that lasts for hours, but also is not noticeable until about 30 minutes after people spray the fragrance

Fragrances usually have a specific theme in addition to a combination of notes. The themes are generally floral, fruity, spicy, or woodsy. Sometimes Hugo Boss tells shoppers exactly what ingredients are included to obtain a scent.

Hugo Boss Fragrances

Since they introduced their first fragrance in 1985, Hugo Boss has released several new lines of fragrances every year. Some are no longer in production, but often the previously popular ones are re-made later on or offered again as a limited edition. The following are some of the more popular Hugo Boss fragrances.

Hugo Red

Hugo Red is the company's spicy smelling fragrance with an Oriental flare. This men's cologne hit the market in 2013. The top notes include metallic scents like pink petter, while the middle notes include cedar, amber, and spices. The fragrance comes in a frosty, red container.

Hugo Just Different

Hugo Just Different is a men's cologne that is a recreation of a previously popular Hugo fragrance. It is comprised of mints along with plant sources such as freesia and basil which makes it smell fresh and cool. Shoppers can get it in 40, 100, and 150 ml bottles that resemble a drinking flask.

Boss Orange Sunset

Boss Orange Sunset is a women's perfume that embodies the beauty of the summer. Hugo introduced in in 2012. It has a fresh scent with mandarins, roses, vanilla, and sandalwood. Even the bottle invokes memories of the sunset with its shades of light and dark orange. This flirty fragrance is available in 30, 50, and 75 ml bottles.

Boss Orange for Men Feel Good Summer

The 2013 Boss Orange for Men Feel Good Summer is a limited edition fragrance from the company. It smells light and airy with an overall aquatic scent. Ingredients like lemon, green apple, juniper, cucumber, green tea, and other wood bases keep make the Feel Good Summer fragrance appealing. Shoppers can purchase it in 40, 60, and 100 ml bottles.

Boss Orange Eau de Parfum

Boss Orange Eau de Parfum for women is a 2013 fragrance is supposed to invoke youthfulness and passion. Sweet apples, floral tones, and other fruity ingredients make this perfume smell luscious, exotic, and soft all at once. Many women who want to showcase their exciting and passionate spirit enjoy this fragrance.

Boss Intense

In 2003 the company released Boss Intense for women that combined spices, kumquat, vanilla orchids, turkish rose, woods, amber, and musk to create a strong floral scent. This scent is not for the faint of heart.

Boss in Motion Orange Made for Summer

Boss In Motion Orange Made For Summer is a 2011 men's cologne. It smells fresh with the combination of mint and fruity tones. However, when the fragrance starts to fade, the spicy middle and bottom notes become more apparent. It comes in a round, orange bottle that makes it noticeable among other fragrances.

Boss Bottled Night

Boss Bottled Night is a bold, 2010 fragrance for men. It embodies the mystery of the night with woody tones, lavender, and the African violet. The fragrance is masculine, warm, and sensual. Its unique, black bottle showcases how bold the scent is.

How to Buy

Choosing a fragrance is a big deal since it is the scent that people associate you with. Name brand fragrances can also be a little pricey, so you should make your decision carefully. To help cut back on costs, visit the eBay Deals page to see if there are any sales for the day. If not, use the search bar to find what you are looking for. A general search brings up thousands of options, while specifying which fragrance you are looking for, such as " Hugo Red" brings up targeted listings, which you can then compare between the sellers on the site. Some offer free postage and packaging as an incentive, while others just list their products lower. You can sort the listings by their price to save time and you can also enter in your set price range.

Be sure to read the seller's reviews before ordering or just shop from one of the many Top-rated sellers on the website. Top-rated sellers achieve their status by consistently providing good customer service.

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