Hunting For Bargains On Ebay- The easy way

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I absolutely ADORE ebay and spend alot of my time online shopping and just surfing around the eBay website hoping to stumble upon a bargain. I shop alot for my kids on here, and if you look hard enough, you will find an auction that everyone has seemed to forget about, and snap up a real great bargain!

Explore ALL Options.

Sometimes there will be auctions with no gallery picture and a really vague heading and you think to yourself 'ahh nothing special... oohh look theres a cute picture of a such and such' and forget all about that tiny little blot of writing which seems to disappear up your screen. You may be missing out on something really special. Some people are just inexperienced/new to ebay or do not want to add a gallery picture because their item is something that is not worth ALOT of money, so, they hope their title will be enough to attract the high bidding buyers. Most of the time these items have little to no bids on them. I have personally found extremely good condition pumpkin patch or fisher price items on the site which i have bought for 99c! And these items sell for ATLEAST $10 +. Don't just go for the items with the big flashy, highlighted titles, take the time to hunt!

Slow down and read the auctions carefully.

ome people are easily detered by the words 'second hand' or 'slightly damaged' and quickly hit the back key or close the window before reading the entire auction. It pays to read an auction carefully as it may just be something minor that may cost you a little bit of money to fix but possibly save you anywhere from $10 to $100 to even $1000 depending on what your looking for! Some of the best items i have bought off ebay have been second hand, and buying them at a bargain makes it an even sweeter victory!


Take a breath, calm down, and instead of stumbling across a bargain and bidding straight away, simply, wait and add it to your watch list. On ebay, there are alot of competative people and if they see something they want and you've bid on it, they'll keep bidding until they beat your highest price and then you'll end up paying more to get something you wanted to get on the cheap! My tip? Wait until the last day and then bid, less bids can be placed in a 24hr time frame then they can in a 48 or 120 hr period... true?

Hunt hunt hunt hunt!

If you come across a seller that is selling multiples of the one item at different times in the auction format, watch a couple of them instead of just one. If the one you were intending to bid on has exceeded your budget, delete it from your watch list and see if the other one you've bookmarked is still at a lower price and keep going until you win an item at the price YOU want to pay. That way your not blowing your budget on just one item!


If a buyer is selling more than one thing that you are intending on bidding on, ask how much combined shipping will cost you. The more you buy from the one buyer the more you can possibly SAVE BIG on shipping! For example. If you buy one top from one person and you buy another from another one... you could be looking at around $9.50 just on postage ALONE (based on Aus Post shipping charges)! Whereas if you buy the two tops from the one person you could look at paying just $4.75 for the postage and maybe even squeeze a few more tops or extras too! It pays to shop with the one buyer!

I hope this has helped all of you in some way, it was fun to write and share my tips for ebay with you! Enjoy eBay!
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