Hunting a HONDA ATV or quadbike

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Considering buying a HONDA ATV quadbike? 

My advice is buy one that is newer rather than older for several very important reasons.

Firstly, you do not want to be spending literally thousands of your hard earned dollars on a HONDA quad then have to spend the same again on an engine rebuild, parts & labour are expensive & it's a big job if you have take off all the plastics, dis-connect tailshafts & wiring to pull a motor out.

Many used quads are sold on or traded in at the end of their useful life & have suffered years of abuse & neglect, then are patched up & sold off...don't buy someone elses troubles.

Washed up....

Beware of low kilometer but rusty HONDA quads, these are ex-surf lifesaving quad's & should be avoided at all costs.

They have spent their whole life in a salt-water enviroment, riding through and breathing in sand, waves, beach launching inflatable rescue boats and jet ski's in acid like saltwater which corrodes everything metal including all the electrical wiring connectors & plugs that you require to keep it running and the sand grinds & wears everything including the internals of the motor.

Salt-water rust never sleeps or stops eating away at the metal, even after it's off the beach, all it needs is the moisture in the air.

Hello cocky...

Ex-farm quads can be a good buy if you get one from a hobby farmer that has not used it much & maintained it at it's 100 hour service intervals, avoid high use machines like 25,000km's plus or 2,000 hours or more, these high use machines are at or near the end of their service life and will have a 'dusted motor', worn out from breathing in dirt & abrasive dust and always seem to have a broken or missing hour meter / speedo & the seller can't remember how many hours or kilometers it's done but its last service & oil change was yesterday.

Two or Four-wheel drive?

I own a 4WD TRX350FM & I've found it offers predictable all terrain capability with the benefit of 4 wheel braking & it goes over small logs and tussocks & through the bush like a horse, but head-lights or reverse gear on a horse.

Two wheel drive is a bit easier on your arms if your new to it or if your getting old like me but 4 wheel drive is the best all-round choice in my book, some current 4WD Honda's have power steering and push button two wheel drive on demand.

Manual,electric shift or auto?

HONDA quad gearbox shift types can be identified by the letters on the end of the model type, eg:TRX350FM is a 350cc,F (four wheel drive) M (manual).

A two wheel drive manual shift would be a TRX350TM, the electric shift would be a TRX350TE and the auto, TRX350TA.

How much to pay?

Use the free for private use REDBOOK vehicle value website to value used quads or any other vehicle for that matter.

Use the trade-in value as a starting price to pay for any second-hand quad as it will not have warranty or after sale service if you buy privately which is always much cheaper, you will also want to do a REVS and stolen vehicle check on it's numbers & check to see if it's got finance owing on it and it's not an encumbered vehicle, that money will have to be paid off BEFORE you buy it or you might find it being re-possessed or recovered as a stolen item by the police.

I hope that's shed some light and given you some insight and ideas on a quadbike and one last piece of advice I would give you is stay away from Chinese made quads, they may be cheap and almost look the part but are un-reliable and won't last & are poor quality and design and will let you down when you least need or expect it....out in the bush, miles from anywhere, you can't push a dead quad-bike very far.

Spend a little extra on a low use Honda and you'll not regret it.

My thanks to you if you  found this guide informative and voted for it and feel free to contact me via the eBay system if you want to ask a question.

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