Hypnosis on CD

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Hypnotherapy is what I call an "intelligent form of therapy".  When used correctly it has remarkable results!

Its intelligent because it can target the root of problems (in the subconscious) without going through years of councelling/drug therapy.

Hypnosis is used by the hypnotherapist to reach your subconcious mind.  This is the area of your mind that has emotions, feelings, is receptive to suggestion, less critical, enables you to perform tasks automatically without having to think.

When you learn about hypnosis you learn that it can happen everywhere (day dreaming, meditation, trance, altered state of consciousness).

yes everywhere!! but interestingly it has been known by many names and have misconceptions

And all hypnosis is self hypnosis.  No body does anything to you. (CDs or hypnotherapist can assist you)

Whenever we are concentrating on something so deeply we are unware of anything around us, guess what? you are in an altered state of concsiousness (eg watching a movie, driving a car, reading a book, doing repetitive tasks, exercising)

Going through grief and using hypnotherapy cd is what got me interested in studying hypnotherapy.

I enjoyed the experience of being so relaxed and comforted, "letting go", and feeling better. I was curious to learn more!!

Most hypnosis cds are general and are great for someone to practice self hypnosis and becoming comfortable with the whole idea.

a great cd series is by Glenn Harrold

If you practice meditation and or use hypnosis cds they enable you to practice and become better at relaxing

however it is usually recommended to see a professional hypnotherapist.  See someone who works with concelling and hypnotherapy all the time with their clients and understands the process fully.

do hypnotherapy cds work?

absolutly, they can help you experience hypnosis and get the idea of it, The suggestions in the cds are often general and can work for some things

but for serious or specific problems requiring personal attention professional sessions are recommended

Another advantage to professional hypnotherapist is that they watch you very closely and can help you have a more profound deeper "trance" experience.  They now what induction to use, how to use the voice, and timing pace with you, wheather to be commanding or subtle and etc.

contact a hypnotherapy association near your area

eg in Australia, the Australian hypnotherapy association (AHA) the Australian society of clinical hypnotherapists (ASHA),

do some investigation and research, you will soon find someone right for you.

hypnosis can be a fantastic, enjoyable, relaxing experience that can change your life.

it did for me!!





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