Hypnotherapy CDs - Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

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Self-Help Hypnosis CDs for Mind and Body Some Questions and Answers.

What is Hypnosis?
The fears, myths and mystery surrounding Hypnosis are totally undeserved. There is absolutely no question of being controlled or manipulated. You are not "unconscious" - you are often more aware of what is taking place than usual because your senses are functioning far more efficiently than normal.

Anyone can be hypnotized although the degree varies from person to person. But people who might say or think, "Nobody could get me under", or "I wouldn't want anyone controlling my mind, or "I might blurt my secrets out", are really saying that they have a total misconception of what Hypnosis really is. The state of Hypnosis is very pleasant and deeply relaxing and it inconceivable that any harm could befall you as a result.

A good definition of Hypnosis is: "A stage of relaxation and concentration combined with a state of heightened awareness, induced by suggestion.

Self-Hypnosis Audio CDs use that combination of deep relaxation - Hypnosis, suggestion and heightened awareness to reach your subconscious mind where your desires, habits and personality characteristics are stored.

So that, while you are listening and relaxing to the Self-Hypnosis Audio CDs the therapy of your choice is actively at work on your subconscious mind, and ultimately you'll find any unwanted traits have slipped quietly away and have been replaced by the new, positive desires, attractive habit patterns and goal seeking characteristics that you wish to possess.

How Does a Self-Help Hypnosis Audio CD Work?
Each Hypnosis CD has a playing time of approximately 30 minutes. A soothing melody has been specially composed to put your mind in a receptive state. You may be invited to imagine you are lazing in the country-side on a summer's day with the peaceful murmuring of a babbling brook and woodland sounds around you.

Or, you may be lying on a very soft, fleecy white towel on a beautiful golden sandy beach, basking in the warmth of the sun, while you idly listen to the waves gently lapping on the seashore, and the seagulls calling overhead.

Or, perhaps you may be drifting, safe and secure in space, watching the tiny twinkling stars forming endless patterns in the night sky.

But. over all, is the reassuring voice of the Hypnotherapist, using all the skills and techniques of her learning, with a specifically-aimed Therapy of your choice.

The chosen Therapy relies on words, and we have all been conditioned since birth to associate words with feelings.
Words are, therefore, one of the "tools" which are used to produce the feelings and results that we want.
The other "tools" are those of Hypnosis: imagination, visualisation and suggestion.

Where Should I Listen To My Self-Help Hypnotherapy CD?
For optimum results, ideally you should be able to relax in a room that is warm and free from disturbances. You may prefer to lie down on the bed or sit in a chair with your head supported. The use of headphones provides a listening experience in complete privacy.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to listen whilst driving, operating machinery or at any time when your concentration is required!

Research indicates that listening to Self-Hypnosis Audio CDs once a day for the first 14 days and then as required is a good general guide for most people. Many people prefer to continue to use them on a regular basis because the find the experience so deeply relaxing. This of course is a matter of personal preference.

How Often Should I Play The CD?
Self-Help CDs can help to play a complementary role alongside conventional medicine.

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We wish you Health and Happiness

No diagnosis or cures are implied.
Do not stop or alter any prescribed medicines without consulting your Doctor. If you are in any doubt, please consult a qualified medical practitioner. No claims or liability will be accepted whatsoever.

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