I Got CONNED! A List of Known Frauds!

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This Guide will be a List of Frauds for Anyone who has been Conned to submit there story. PLEASE EMAIL me: catzzmandu@hotmail.com your short story (200 words max) It will be added here. The frauds names will be mentioned, why shouldn't we know who is a con artist, I think we all deserve to know just in case. Also check out my Safe Trading Guide.

When I first started on eBay 2002, I bidded on a Mini Disc for $400 from a guy in NSW named Joel Richards, I lost the bid but was contacted by him to say he would sell to me instead because the original sale fell through. He did not send me anything, I think he never had it & targeted me as I was a newbie. He un-registered from eBay & I didn't get my money back. Also this was the result of buying outside of eBay which at the time I didn't know it was unsafe, I have since learned from that horrible expierience. Being 15, losing $400 was very upsetting. by knockturn_alley

A List of Frauds:

  • Joel Richards (N.S.W) (It's a common name, he was from a place that started with Moro...)

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