I bought the WRONG REGION DVD, can i play it ????

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The answer is No unless you got multi region dvd player or specific region which compatible to dvd you bought.
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There are some ways to play the dvd when you bought wrong region dvd. They are:

1. Convert your dvd player into multi/free region dvd player. There are ebay sellers selling information to unlock or convert your dvd player into multi region, you can search on ebay under "region free dvd" on ebay. Once it is converted then you will be able to play any dvd from any country/seller/retail.
2. Contact your retailer where you bought the dvd, they should be able to convert your dvd player into multi region by pressing certain button.
3. Try on your computer, it might play on your computer as most computer got multi region dvd player or the program who support it.
4. Buy new multi region dvd player. Bring the wrong region dvd dvd to retail shop and try it. You can save money when you buy on Ebay, you can search the free region dvd player under: "region free dvd". Once you got the multi region dvd player, then you will save a lot of money as you can buy cheaper dvds on ebay compare to any retails.
5. Make a Copy/Burnt of Original DVD using your DVD-ROM then you would be able to play that Copy/Burnt DVD but this is for personal use only. Legality for copying dvd even for personal use depends on the country you live in, the laws will be different for every country.

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