I have bought a product that seems under powered!!

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Do you ever feel that you have bought a product from Ebay that seems under powered?? Well there is a good chance you are right, there are a few sellers that will advertise their item as high wattage or high power in HP or cc's for example chainsaws, you might see one that advertises around 55- 60cc but when tested these only measure around 50cc leaving you the consumer feeling ripped off, the truth of the matter is only about 0.1% of the population is going to know how to check that, so as long as the stickers have the bigger power written on them and the manual has it in the specs, you are non the wiser, so the easiest way to test this is measure the bore and stroke.
A 52cc chainsaw will have a 42mm bore and a stroke of 37mm, the stroke being the distance that the cylinder will travel, and the bore being the diameter of the head where thet piston travels, the bigger the bore the bigger the power.
"Why would sellers do this??" A seller will do this to cut down on cost while gaining finacially, it is basically a numbers game, the chances a customer knowing this or even ever pulling a engine apart are so slim it that the seller will take the risk for the finacial gains, this practise is illegall.
So if you feel like you may not have what you paid for?? get it tested at you local mecanic and help make ebay a honest place to buy and sell.
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