I should not have told you this. DOH

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It's worth just sitting back and thinking about "what are the other potential bidders doing to obtian the ebay goods for the best possible price"

They may have entered a feeler bid early in the bidding cycle, and probably want to see if there is a lot of interest, adjusting their strategy, in their own time............I suggest your best tactic would be NOT to bid (even of you REALLY want the item) until about a minute to go before the close off........do not show your hand early as this allows your competition time....and if you lut your full bid in at that time, by the time the competition has upped the bid, as yours has automatically increased ..its all over ...you have either won at your price on not......if you lost...just move on to the next one and forget that one

I probably should not have told you this!  DOH



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