I want to be a collector ! So Do I and we all want to, dont we?

Like if this Guide is helpful

Tips to know what and how to collect

1. First and foremost important thing is to ensure that you have a real passion for the item you want to collect, before you start buying it.
2.  Read! read! and read about the items you want to collect.
3. Google is not always true, try to find renowned author books and borrow them from library if you don't want to buy one yet.
4. Join the networking and collector groups - Association with like minded people is very important.
5. Visit museums, shows and fairs related to that item.
6. Look for garage sales around you - sometime you may get treasure which is now trash for someone.
7. Never race with anyone, everyone has a defined goal, so set your own goal, not because person next to you is collecting something, so you want that thing. Everyone is different.
8. Last but not least - Spend wisely and think what will happen if I have to sell it tomorrow.

Humble request : Don't forget your family , friends while collecting items, its very addictive hobby, but make sure deserving people get enough time and attention. Family is always more important than anything else in the world, as you can never ever collect them.
Best is to engage them with your passion if you can - Things will be more enjoyable.

Feel free to email me your thoughts on appy9g At gmail dot com
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