I want to help my child with spelling

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I want to help me child with spelling, but where do I start?

Spelling is a major skill that every child must master to shine in classroom reading and writing activities. With these Free spelling games, and see your child’s spelling skills improve fast. These animated, fun games are irresistible for 5 to 12 year old kids and their confidence soars!

 The online spelling lessons match your child’s spelling level and build skills quickly with our renowned phonics method.

 Use this Step-by-Step checklist to see where your child needs spelling help most.

[  ] Does (s)he recognise letters and sounds? Children spell from sounds so it’s crucial that they recognise the sounds in words.

Play this “Spot-the-sound” game to test your child’s sound recognition:

Ask her to spot the sound that each of the following words start with. Is she able to write the correct letter?

apple (her answer should be ‘a’), cat (correct answer ‘k’) shoe (correct answer ‘sh’)

Do the same with end and middle sounds. The lessons at SpellingFun.com works so well because children are introduced to sounds in ‘word families’.

[  ] Is her auditory (hearing) memory well developed? Here’s an interesting fact:

Children will be able to learn spelling words of five letters long if they can remember number sequences of seven digits long. Your child should be able to remember number sequences with at least five digits in order to spell three letter words like cat, mug etc.

Play this “Remember-my-telephone-number” game to test your child’s auditory memory:

Start with 3 random digits: “Can you repeat my telephone number: 759” and work it up to 7 digits. The free assessment on SpellingFun.com makes this test FUN!

[  ]  Does (s)he want to learn how to spell? I know, it is a funny question but children remember what they want to. Encouragement and incentives work better than ‘lectures’ when it comes to motivating your child to learn. If you ran out of ideas, you’ll like the article: Make spelling FUN.

[  ]  Do you read with your child? Lap time is soooo important in so many ways. Ask your child to listen out for spelling words while you do shared reading. Discovering their spelling words (or even better, words of the same word family) when reading, makes spelling RELEVANT. Kids only use the stuff that works for them! If they realise that learning ‘right, and night’ will help them read fright and knight, most children will be more interested.

[  ] Does your child understand the meaning of each and every spelling word on their list?

It is a CRIME to ask a child to memorise words they do not know the meaning of (and an even bigger crime to kill their love of words by forcing them to make sentences of each word on their spelling list!!). If your child has a limited English vocabulary, play mime games where you act out a word for them to guess. These types of creative thinking games will broaden your child’s vocabulary in a wink (without boring them to death)!

[  ]  Does your child know how to use syllables to break words apart?

Smaller chunks are far less daunting to spell than long words. A good trick is to get your child to tap the rhythm of the word, e.g. ho-li-day, te-le-phone, com-pu-ter etc.

Also teach your child to s-t-r-e-t-c-h one syllable words like bubble gum, e.g. saying ssstttrrrinnng will help her to hear all the sounds.

[  ]  How good is your child’s general pronunciation? It’s no wonder that all good teachers’ training courses include speech and drama classes. If your child ‘says’ it wrong, chances are they will spell it incorrectly too!

[  ]  Lastly, have you ever tried mnemonic devices (e.g. rhyming tricks) to help her remember her words?

There are hundreds of these clever little tricks to help your child remember difficult words. See the section on clever ticks to help your child remember hard words.

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