I9 I68 CECT Sciphone

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I bought one I9 and one I68 as I just wanted a cheap GSM only phone just to talk and text on. Given the price I was not expecting much, and that is the key thing here, you get what you pay for. Don't buy one of these expecting an iphone, they don't come close. They fulfilled all my expectations, except for really bad reception.

Be warned that when you get it, the browser will not work and you cannot receive or send picture messages. You need to enter some settings that are confusing and not clear, unlike if you buy a phone in Australia. The info is out there on the web, but also be warned that the menu text in these phones is loosly translated chinese and so are not always truely accurate. Having said that I did get mine to work after many hours of trying different things. The browser is next to useless as it is GPRS only.

Comparing to an iphone (which is not valid as they are classes and priced apart) the menus are badly laid out, the touchscreen is slow to respond, and the options are very limited. When sending texts you can write far quicker that the screen can respond, making it slower than it could be.

You can not interface the phone to your computer like a PC suite type program, but you can access pictures and videos. The camera is woeful, unusable, don't believe what the add says about it. The pictures are very low res, there is no setting to change this. Simply viewing pictures is difficult, several menu steps to get there and no slideshow. The video player is very limited to small files and a very narrow range of formats.

The dual SIM system is very good, different tones for each network meaning you can take advantage of different plans. It works well, everytime you make a call or text it asks which SIM to use.

Getting back to the reception, this was the only thing that annoyed me and it rendered the phone useless for me and a waste of money. I found a fix. Disassemble the phone the reveal the foil stick on antenna, there are videos on youtube showing this. Unsolder the foil patch and replace it with two short lengths of wire, you'll need to have this done by someone skilled at this type of work. It is a quick easy job for those with the appropriate skill and tools. This made the reception as good as any Nokia, but remember these phones do not access the Next G or 3G networks (but a next G sim will work).


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