ID Bare Escentuals Application Tips

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I am an Avid devotee to ID Bare Minerals and since the first time I tried it , I was hooked!

You only need a small amount of product to achieve a flawless finish.

Firstly lets go over the benefits of ID Bare Minerals

Since 1976 Bare Escentuals has focused on using only the finest ingredient in all their products.
This Commitment led to the creation of the revolutionary mineral make up call Bare Minerals.
Made with crushed minerals from the earth, 100% pure bareMinerals, are free from preservatives, talc, oil, fragrance and other potential skin irritants, that can cause breakouts, it's ideal for all skin types and conditions.
All and and skin types can benefit from their feather-light 100% pure bareMinerals, but especially those with skin sensitivities , allergies, scars, blemishes, rosacea, wrinkles and pigmentation.
BareMinerals goes way beyond a foundation, Not only will it give you a healthy glow to your complexion, but it is good for your skin.  BareMinerals buffs on so light and smooth that you'll forget you're wearing any make up at all.  Better still, bareMinerals, contains no oils or binders - which means their all-natural colour stays true all day.  BareMinerals also provides natural SPF 15 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

BareMinerals is so pure you can sleep in it!!!!!

76% of users claim it has corrected and improved the appearance of their skin condition
75% improvement in skin dehydration
31% improvement in redness
49% improvement in overall skin condition, smoothness, elasticity, and texture.


Fair                             this shade is for the fairest skin tones (porcelain skin) This has a neutral undertone
Fairly Light                  Fair to light skin tones.  This has a golden undertone (works well to conceal redness)
Light                             Light to Medium Skin Tones.  This has a golden undertone (helps to conceal redness)
Medium Beige             Light to Medium Skin Tones.  This has a golden undertone, but it has less than light
Medium                        Light to Medium Skin Tones.  This has a pink undertone (works well to brighten sallow skin)
Golden Medium           New Shade- Golden tone for medium skin with imperfections
Medium Tan                   Medium golden skin tones. A cool tone for medium-to-tan skin with no imperfections
Tan                                A neutral tone for olive-to-tan skin with imperfections (pink undertone - brightens sallow skin)
Warm Tan                     A golden tone for tan skin with imperfections (honey amber skin tones)
Dark                           A cool tone for tan-to-dark skin with no imperfections
Medium Dark               New Shade - Neutral tone for dark skin with minor imperfections
Golden Dark              New Shade - Golden tone for dark skin with imperfections
Warm Deep               A cool tone for dark-to-deep skin with no imperfections
Deepest Deep            A neutral tone for the deepest, darkest skin with minor imperfections
Golden Deep             New Shade Name - A golden tone for dark-to-deep skin with imperfections (formerly Deep)

So now you know what foundation you should buy, How do I apply it?

Swirl a small amount into the lid with your application brush until all the minerals are tucked into the bristles.
Tap off any excess, it should not be visible on the outside of the brush.
Buff onto the skin in a swirling, circular motion, starting on the outside of your face near your cheekbones.  You then buff around your face working your way to the cheeks, forehead, and nose.  Keep buffing until your satisfied with the coverage, Less is more!
For medium coverage apply with the flawless application brush
For fuller coverage apply with the Full Coverage Kabuki Brush

What is Mineral Veil?

Mineral veil is a translucent powder that is designed to be used with BE Foundation.  Mineral Veil helps take the shine away from your face.  It can be used several times without causing a makeup build-up or a caking unlike pressed or loose powders.  During the warmer months I use mineral veil as a base coat as well as a top coat.
Mineral veil adds a softness to your face giving your skin a beautiful look like a soft-focus lens on a camera.
There is also a tinted mineral veil which can be used for all skin tones in place of the original mineral veil.  On light to medium skin tones, tinted mineral veil gives you the appearance of having been out in the sun.
Mineral veil is suitable for all skin types.


Warmth - A chestnut shade.  One of the original all over face colours, this is one of the most popular shades.  Gives the skin a sun kissed look.  Apply a very small amount to the skin wherever the sun would give colour to the skin: on the cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose, etc.  You only need a very, very small amount to achieve that sun kissed look.  You can also use this as a lip colour (dip your favourite lip balm or lip gloss in the minerals and apply to the lips)  or eyeshadow (use an eyeshadow brush, dip into the warmth and apply to the eye area).
Glee - A mauve plum shade.  One of the original all over face colours.  This is my personal favourite, I use this as well as the warmth.  Bare Escentuals designed this colour to emulate the look women have when they are truly happy !  Apply to the cheeks.  This can also be used as a lip colour ( dip your favourite lip balm or lip gloss in the minreals and apply to the lips).
Faux Tan - sunlit bronze.  Gives face the look of a tan without the sun damage. Perfect for those who use sunless tanner.


Different brushes give different levels of coverage.  For a light coverage that you can layer again and again use the heavenly soft face brush.  It gives a very sheer application which you can layer,  but you do not need to worry about applying too much on the first pass,  I recommend this brush for the face colours.  The heavenly soft face brush can also be used to apply your blush beautifully.!
If you would like a bit more coverage, I would use the flawless or angled face brush, tapered or angled blush brush, or a kabuki brush for full coverage.  Keep in mind that kabuki brushes give quite a bit more coverage than other brushes.
I personally use the flawless application brush for my mineral veil, and the kabuki brush for my foundation, the tapered or angled blush brush for my blush and the heavenly soft focus brush for my all over face colours.
Trust me once you use a professional brush you will be in heaven !!

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