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How to Choose the Appropriate Mattress Size
Before we are the sizes:
Twin Size: 39" x 75"
Twin Long (Twin XL): 39" x 80"
Full Size:  54" x 75"
Full Long (Full XL):  54" x 80"
Three Quarter Size: 48" x 75"
Queen Size: 60" x 80"
King Size:  76" x 80"
California King: 72" x 84"
Mattress Size Details:
Twin Size (also known as a Single): Twin size is large enough for one child or one small adult. It's also often ordered for a bunk bed, daybed, hi-riser, or as a mattress and a boxspring set for a small guest room. Twin size is good for a child, but keep in mind when they get older they may grow out of it.
Twin XL: Twin XL is used for dorm room mattresses as it gives the extra length for students who are tall. When you push two Twin XL mattresses together it forms a king size. Twin XL is also ordered for beds with electric adjustable bases as it prevents your feet from hanging off the edge of the mattress when the base reclines.
Full Size: (also known as a Double): Full size gives more comfort for one person as it has 15 more inches in width than a twin size. It is possible to fit two people into a full size mattress but it only gives each person 27" of width (which is the same width as a crib mattress).
Full Long (Full XL): The same width as a full but 80" long.  Good if your tall but don't have the space for a queen.  Note: Full long is usually the same price as a queen with most retailers as the wholesale price is often the same.
Three Quarter Size: This size is usually for an antique bed.  Antique beds can usually be found at auctions.  Most of the major manufacturers do not make this size.
Queen Size: This is the most common size mattress ordered for two adults. It gives six more inches of width for the sleeping area than a full size mattress and five inches more length.
King Size: This is the ideal size for two adults if you have the space in your bedroom.
It gives plenty of space between you and your sleeping partner. Because you are not as close to your partner, you also get a reduction in the transfer of motion making it less likely for your partner to wake you up.
California King: This is the ideal size for those really tall people. It gives you 4 inches less width than a King Size, but four inches more in the length. We have NBA players order this size
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