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All Australia Mobiles have a IMEI number. This is unique serial number written into the firmware of the phone.

Since 15 September 2003 all Australian carriers share their data electronically allowing for unilateral IMEI blocking of lost and stolen mobile phones across all networks.

To check if your phone is on the Lost or Stolen IMEI number list you need 2 things. The IMEI number and a way to check the number against the database.

First we need the IMEI number. Enter *#06# into the phone as if your where dialing a phone number. Immediately after pressing the last # the IMEI number should pop up on the screen.

If for some reason this did not work the IMEI number is also written on the serial number sticker normally under the phones battery. Remove the cover and remove the battery. My Nokia has a label with 2 bar codes on it. Under the second bar code it says IMEI with a 15 digit number split up with some /. So it looks like this 123456/78/901234/5

The IMEI number can also be found on the side of the box the phone came in on a serial number sticker.

Next we need to check the database. There are 2 ways I know of.

First one is to ring the service provided by Telstra. The number is 1900 964 634 ( call charges apply )

The second option is the free option. Goto and click on red 'Check Status Here' button. A pop up window should open up. In the new pop up window there is a IMEI number text box and a Query button. It is simple from here. Enter the IMEI number you have written down into the text box. Don't put any / or - in. Only numbers. Then hit the query button. In a few seconds or less your should get a response of

Result Your IMEI number is currently unblocked

Don't forget to ask for the IMEI number and check it on the database before paying for a phone from eBay.

Happy Bidding !
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