Ice Treasures - excavating rock crystals - Party Game

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Ice Treasures
A terrific idea for a party game or to keep the kids happy on a hot day

You can use the water soluble dyes to colour the water before it freezes, so the treasures aren’t so easily visible or leave it clear

Treasures frozen in ice.


Decide if you wish to leave your water clear or coloured. If coloured, add the dyes into your water
Take some gemstones (or any treasure for that matter), place them in a plastic dish
They look good if you line the container with partially scrunched up cling wrap (for a ‘fossilised’ appearance. You could even add a little sand or dirt.
Pour water (clear or coloured) over and freeze, you may like to freeze the ice in layers, so they will find treasures hidden throughout.
Once frozen, unmould (this way you can use the same mould if you need to make many) and finish your creations
Store the completed ice treasures in a plastic container or bag in the freezer so they are ready for use

At the event, give each child an ice treasure, (they may like to work outside / on a plastic mat or in a large plastic container (to save coloured water ending up all over your house) & some excavating tools

Tools may include plastic utensils, spoons (get some from the op shop) screwdrivers, salt, spray bottles with water, droppers + warm water, and toothbrushes.

They can then begin to uncover their treasures

Renascent College stock a fabulous range of gemstone treasures, water soluble pigment dyes & treasures

My 12 year old son had this game at his last party and everyone loved it - we froze the ice in silicone muffin trays & all age groups loved it, saving up their treasures - kept them busy for at least 20 minutes (longer for little ones)

*Just a note - we used food dyes and they separated to the top and all the kids hands went blue - I think the Renascent pigment dyes would be a much better option.

We hope you have happy parties

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