Important Tips For New eBay Buyers

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Hi guys and welcome to eBay, I hope you have lots of fun here and find some great things to buy.

From reading the threads on the Round Table chat board I have found some very sad posts from buyers who have been ripped off.

Either not getting the item they purchased and not receiving a refund from the seller, or getting the item and it being damaged and the selling not willing to replace or refund.

Or just the total rip off seller who lists things like ipods, mp3 players, LCD Tv's and other high risk items, that just take your money and then run.

Its not fair on us good sellers to have the shonky sellers do this to you buyers and it certainly isn't fair on you buyers who trust us sellers with your money and trust that we will do the right thing.

BUT there is a way you can protect yourself, and I cannot emphasise this enough, its so vitally important that you look at the sellers feedback, you can do this by clicking on the number next to their ID in brackets (359), once you click on this number you get taken into their profile page, on the right hand side there is a box and it sais "Period", this has a little drop down menu, click on the drop down and select Past 12 months, then click go, this will then bring up all the feedback for that seller for the past 12 months.

Then on the left, you will find:

Show All, Positive(2000), Negative (140), Neutral (23), Withdrawn (1)

You can then click on Neutral or Negative and read what the comments say about this seller, this will give you a very good idea of what sort of a seller they are, its important for your own safety to read what these say, also how many Neutrals and Negatives they have had in the past 12 months.

The example above is just made up numbers. I personally am VERY wary about buying from a seller who has had 3 negatives in the past 12 months and I will read what those negatives say before I decide to buy from them.

Its up to you as to how many negatives in a 12 month period you feel safe with and still buy, but the less the better for keeping you safe.

Another thing to keep you safe is to pay with paypal, as of September 2007 ALL new sellers have to sell offering paypal, so if you come accross a seller who has joined from September 2007 and they don't offer paypal then do NOT buy from them. Some will say they have paypal but its not set up, or they are unable to use it for some reason etc, this is all just lies.

Others might list their items with paypal and then have in the listing somewhere "Paypal is not accepted from Australian bidders." OR "Paypal is only for items over $10" etc, this is also NOT allowed, if paypal is offered it MUST be accepted from ALL buyers for ALL amounts, even if you win an auction at 99c.

IF you ever feel a bit wary of paying for something or bidding on something, DONT do it yet, always please come to the Round Table and ask us ok, its easy to post a topic, right hand side of the page, Post a topic, then just put in your title and write what your concern is and then click on "Post message" and someone will be along to help you very soon.

But please never pay for something or bid on something if your not sure, or if it sounds to good to be true.

Oh another thing to be careful of, emails, sometimes these might look like they come from ebay but they are not, they are whats called as phishing emails, and they normally have a link in them asking you to click on this link, eBay emails will never have links to click, they will always ask you to log into ebay and do anything from there, the same as paypal emails, they will ask you to log into paypal, NEVER to click on a link, once you click on this link it will ask you for your ebay or paypal ID and password, then the hijacker has your password and can access your account, this is VERY bad news, so if you do get an email that your not sure about, again please DONT click links, come and ask about it on the Round Table.

Umm what else can I warn you about? second chance offers on items you have bid on but not won, most of the time they are on the high risk items mentioned above, ipods etc, but not always, it will usually be from a scammer sent from a different email addy, he will try to get you to take up the second chance offer and then when you pay thats it, you have done your money, he won't send you anything.

The best thing to do if you do get a second chance offer is to email the seller via the item not won page and ask if in fact they did offer you a second chance offer, then you will know if its legitimate or not, but again, if your not sure come and ask us at the Round Table :-)

I'm sure there are lots more things for me to tell you but at the moment I cannot think of them, the most important are:

1. Feedback, check negatives and neutrals and withdrawn.

2. Paypal, ALWAYS pay using paypal if its offered on an item, and especially if the seller is registered from September 2007, do not let them tell you they don't accept paypal when they display the logo, they MUST.

3. Fake emails, NEVER click on links.

4. Fake second chance offers, always email the seller to ask if its sent from them.

5. If ever your not sure about anything, or you get an uneasy feeling about an item you want to bid on, an item you have bid on, a payment method from a seller, ALWAYS come and ask at the Round Table FIRST before you either pay or bid, this can save you a lot of heartache.

Best of all have fun, but be very cautious also.

Welcome to all of you,

Di :-)

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