Improve Home Security with CCTV Security Cameras

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Improve Home Security with CCTV Security Cameras

Choosing a CCTV security system can be a confusing task, especially with the wide range of designs and brands available on the market. When shopping for CCTV security cameras, buyers should pay attention to a variety of factors, including the type of output, minimum illumination, video resolution, and control mechanisms. Learning about how to improve home security with the help of CCTV cameras can help buyers make an informed purchasing decision.


Important Considerations

The first thing to consider when shopping for CCTV home security systems is to evaluate the particular needs of the property. Some CCTV cameras are a good choice for indoor installation, whereas others are ideal for monitoring the exterior of a property. CCTV cameras are available in wired and wireless versions. Wireless security systems are often preferable because they are easier to install.

Budget is another factor to consider, as the price of security cameras can vary significantly from one model to another. CCTV cameras come in several designs, and buyers should consider the characteristics of each type before making a decision.


Types of CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV security cameras are available in a range of sizes, shapes and types. Each one has different features and specifications, such as installation requirements, suitability for internal or external use, and Internet connectivity.


Type of CCTV Security Camera

Main Characteristics and Features


Ceiling or wall-mounted unit

Mostly suitable for indoor use

Cylindrical, thin shape

Capture images from a fixed area


Dome-shaped structure

Unobtrusive cameras

Intruders cannot tell which direction the camera is pointing inside the dome



Compensates for varying lighting conditions

Ideal for outdoor settings, such as car parks

Works well in direct sunlight


Transmits images over the Internet

Easy to install

Does not require separate cable


One of the best options for home security is a digital wireless CCTV camera. The advantages of this camera are that users can easily access a recording from a specific date and time. Playback functions include reverse, fast-forward, and frame-by-frame playback. Moreover, digital cameras are easy to connect to the Internet, allowing for instant remote viewing whenever necessary. It is even possible for homeowners to monitor their houses from their cell phones or laptop computers while they are travelling.


Key Features

CCTV cameras come with a variety of features and lens options. Some of the most important features that buyers should consider are angle, tilt, resolution, light sensitivity, and coverage. Buyers should opt for a high-resolution camera whenever possible, as this improves the identification, spotting, and detection of movement. A camera with a 2 MP resolution should be enough for most households.

The angle of a security camera determines both the field of view, and the focal length. When choosing the angle, consumers should think about the size of the area for which they want to capture images. Different cameras come with different light sensitivities, measured in lux. Cameras designed to operate in very dark settings have a lower lux value, while cameras that operate in direct sunlight need a higher lux. Many cameras have variable light sensitivities, which means that they adapt according to the particular lightning at different times of the day.


How to Buy CCTV Security Cameras on eBay

Sellers on eBay list a wide selection of CCTV security cameras. In order to find the most suitable security camera for their home, buyers can type relevant keywords, such as 'security camera' into the search bar that appears at the top of every page. Shoppers can speed up their search by refining results by specifications such as type, price, brand, or seller location. Improving home security with CCTV cameras gives homeowners the peace of mind they need, whether they are in the house or away. 

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