Improved fuel efficiency for All Vehicles

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Improved fuel efficiency this is for All vehicle owners

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  1. Don’t drive your Children to school, if there is an alternative, use it. After all; you need some time to, & your parents didn't drive you every where?  Give them a bike so they can burn off some sugar from all that junk food. & think of the money you can save from your reduced fuel consumption, not to mention the fact that your doing them a favor, as a lot of young teens have no idea what work is these days & employers do not pay wages for appearance, they actually do pay for productivity.
  2. Refrain from launching off at intersections. Smooth gradual starts consume much less fuel than aggressive behavior
  3. Anticipate traffic conditions. Keep your vehicle a close comfortable distance to the vehicles ahead. smooth even acceleration & breaking will reduce your vehicles fuel consumption
  4. When driving retain a speed as close as possible the posted speed signage as your vehicle is more efficient between 80 & 100 kilometres per hour keep in mind speeds of 60 kilometres an hour & lower are below the engines torque curve, Increasing fuel consumpton 
  5. Use the cruise control & overdrive for highway driving setting the cruise control & shifting into overdrive will enable you to maintain a constant & smooth speed that will reduce your cost at the bouser.  
  6. Eliminate lengthy idling. Turning off & restarting your engine burns less fuel than burned while idling for more than a couple of minutes.
  7. Fill up with the octane fuel level recommended for your vehicle. Using the necessary octane level fuel can contribute to reducing the total amount of your fuel bill, & take into consideration that I now only use ethanol enhanced fuel & after 5 years now I can only tell you it is absolutely fantastic, engine run smoother more power once the engine's warmed up & about a 100 Kilometre's more out of a tank on the highway about 60 more around town.
  8. Avoid topping off. After the automatic nozzle clicks off, refraining from continuing to manually pump extra fuel in will prevent spillage, slop, seep-out & Purged discharge on warmer days, caused by expansion.
  9. Tighten the fuel cap, a securely tightened cap prevents fuel evaporation from occurring in your vehicle's fuel tank.
  10. Keep your vehicle in tune. Regular tune-ups can make a positive difference in your vehicle's fuel economy.
  11. Maintain properly inflated & aligned tyres. Keeping tyres inflated to the recommended maximum pressure & periodic wheel alignment can improve your overall fuel mileage.
  12. Regularly monitor & replace engines air filters. Replacing clogged & dirty air filters can increase your fuel mileage as well as protect your engine.
  13. Change your oil. Regularly scheduled oil changes with the recommended grade of motor oil  can result in improved fuel economy. Do Note I stated recommended. & I do not Use or endorse Valvoline or Shell Products for any purpose, apart from disposal in a garbage bin
  14. Check & keep vehicles fluid level are topped up as this also assists in the vehicles cooling, stability, & aerodynamic wind efficiency. i.e. less wind under the vehicle means the less wind you're pushing through & reduces front end lift so the vehicle is only pushing the air around & over not against the ground.
  15. If you are considering upgrading keep in mind this, a dark vehicle is more conductive to the sun so your air conditioner is going to be putting a constant load on your engine, & a bigger engine means a bigger fuel tank & more frequent filling. Sports performance or luxury comfort, This is your big reality check , you can only go as fast as the car in front, & all those other traffic conditions are constantly holding you up now ask yourself honestly which one you're going to be happy getting out of when you get there. I should also mention  LPG vehicles still produce the same amount Carbon Monoxide as their petrol equivalent, keep that in mind as the government may have to introduce a carbon tax which will be relative to the engine size. The Bigger the Engine the more Oxygen, & Fuel It Consumes also keep in mind that the maintenance cost increases as well.
  16. Check that your tyres are the right size & profile as this can also give you a false speed reading which also mean your getting false fuel consumption.& Note Tyres are not all the same I use Mitchellin To Protect my Rims from the Gutter, Low Road Noise, Improved fuel consumption, Safety & I have just done 80,000 Kilometre's of mixed city driving & Yes soon I will have to replace them.
  17. Uneven Tyre ware is usually caused by suspension misalignment from suspension were the camber of the road usually causes increased suspension ware to the curb side or the vehicle, I myself  prefer to fix things properly & suggest Poly Performance Type bushes to replace the existing Rubber, & be sure to use a Graphite based grease, This usually helps in other areas such as Diff, Tail shaft & Tyre alignment so if you notice more power & Better Fuel consumption that's normal as you have just reduced you drive line power losses. 
  18. If you are serious about saving money your engines performance can be improved by replacing your existing coolant with a performance coolant as used in Detroit Diesels this is a water softener that will reduce the horsepower loss at the water pump, where as that common green ethyl glycol is a water hardener note this is pricey but the difference is quite noticeable & I speak with 22 years personal usage & experience. 
  19. Unrequired Accessories like Bull Bars, Mud Flaps (Or wind breaks as I call them), Tow Bar & High output sound systems for example If you don't use it loose it as its just dead Weight that reduces your performance, stopping Power & adding to your running costs.
  20. Driving with the Window up Improves the Vehicles Aerodynamics by opening the vents or even having the fan on the first on position the interior of your car will stay fresher & as many vehicles actually have an air filter just for the passenger compartment the air you breath while driving will be a lot healthier on you & your passengers.
  21.   Now as for Your Car Battery in the mid 1970s Battery Construction Changed & to cut on Material manufacturing construction costs the insulated air gap was no longer constructed into the base this change in construction reduced it's Life expectancy From 7 years to 3 if your lucky then Later came the option of the Maintenance free Battery which can't be re-hydrated so is lucky to last 2 years, But there is a couple of old school trick to good stable Battery Voltage & Long Life from your car Battery. Insulated Under the Battery with at least 5mm thick Rubber, This is more important through the winter months, ( Try Clark Rubber ) & it only has to be the size of the contact area. Keep your Battery Fluid up to the levels & Keep the top of the Battery clean, Do note Boiled water is fine for topping up your Battery it's also Great for removing corrosion, you do not have to use distilled water, but tap water is Not advised due to its chlorine & fluoride content. Oh Apply Vaseline to any corroded Terminals. & Remove yourself from believing that it would have been done in your service I say this as a Fully Qualified Mechanic as some shonky work shops & Dealer ships, I have had employment with have actually directed me, not to check the Battery in a Full Service as I Quote " We Sell Batteries, We Don't service them " & Here I am thinking a happy customer is a customer who comes back & refers more work your way.  If you sense your battery is dying try INOX Battery Conditioner (Available at Bursons) it's very good & in 90% of cases it will save you money, I have even used it on my Ride on Mower which I admit sits in the shed & is rarely used, But I can tell you with any vehicle that's EFI If the Battery Voltage is out side of 13.2 volts it often has an adverse affect on your cars Performance & even the Fuel consumption, a big spark at the right time & Good Fuel Pressure can make a huge difference, as if the Engines management computer is not getting the correct information the side affects are amplified to a list of faults that all end up to costing you & affecting you lifestyle.

22. Petrol prices are based on the U.S. Dollar so if you have still got your superannuation by default on mixed international interest one your earning less possibly, still losing money & 2 your helping the U.S.Dollars stay high i.e. we pay more for fuel, maybe change it to Aussie shares 10% better than the Bank Pays, also if you have life insurance on top of your superannuation do note that most insurer are British based & they will not pay 2 polices if anything ever happens, now you can understand why the pound is so high as England today does not produce much at all apart from self promotion & back packers selling us sh_t we don't need. 

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