Indoor Tea Garden

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Indoor Tea Garden.

The varieties of tea, used in folk remedies and as alternates to regular tea, hold a wealth of flavor options. If you don't have room to plant outdoors, begin an indoor tea garden, via container gardening. Herbs used for tea, in fact, are easier to successfully grow than some vegetables.
First thing to do is to find which window of your living space will have the most amount of sun during each season. Plan to move your herb tea garden as the sun light quality changes as sunlight plays an important factor for your garden’s progress.

Consider what flavors of herb tea you find the most pleasing for drinking, and the ones you think sound interesting. Examples of herbs used to make tea include peppermint, rosemary, sage, spearmint, catnip, ginger, lemon balm, thyme, dandelion and holy basil.
Obtain a container that is appropriate for each herb you have chosen. Container choices such as window boxes, hanging baskets or even teacups are just some of the most commonly used for such purpose.
As mentioned, sunlight plays an important factor. Place the trays in the location with the best sunlight, if using containers that have a drain. Place the plant containers on the trays. Place small stones on the bottom of each planter and set more stones evenly across the trays. Fill the plant containers up with the potting soil until around 2 inches to ½ inch from the top. If using containers without a drain, don't use the trays.

Water each plant according to the specific method suggested for it. Most of the tea seed packet provides information with regards to watering instruction.
Separate the seedlings, after the seeds have sprouted, to the proper spacing when they reach the height mentioned on the seed packet for transplanting.

Wait for several weeks and when the proper time comes,  then you can enjoy by sipping the delicious tea produced right out of your own indoor tea garden.

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