Information & Installation of Vinyl Wall Stickers

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Decorating your bedroom, playroom, living area or office space has never been so much fun! Choose from our easy to apply and affordable range of Removable Wall Stickers, Wall Murals and Nursery Wall Borders.

To help make choosing and installing your wall decor an easy process, here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

What material are Wall Stickers made from?

All of our Wall Stickers are printed and cut from removable adhesive, which makes them perfect to remove and re-apply.

What size room would an average pack fill?

Our larger wall sticker kits such as Farmyard Fun, Princess Fairies & Jungle Adventure will easily decorate an entire room; we also have smaller packs available such as Butterfly Breezes & Clay Construction for customers who want a more subtle effect.

How do I apply them?

Every single decal is individually cut so it’s easy for you to simply peel the Wall Stickers off the backing sheet and apply them to a dry, clean and smooth surface.

Application Instructions

Lay your Wall Sticker kit on a flat space and plan how you would like to use them.

Once you have decided how you would like to decorate, gently peel one of the Wall Stickers off the backing paper.

Slowly apply the sticker to a smooth, clean and dry surface. Lay it down gently to start with, so you can stand back and make sure it is straight and in perfect position. If it is not in the right place simply gently peel it back up and reapply it.

Once you have worked out the perfect position smooth over the entire surface with the back of your hand.

To ensure that the entire sticker adheres to the surface, you will need to get a soft cloth and rub it firmly over the entire Wall Sticker.

Repeat with your remaining Wall Stickers until you have you finished your masterpiece and then admire your talents.

How long will they last?

If treated with care your wall stickers will last for many years. Simply clean them with a soft damp cloth if they need it.

Can I remove them?

All of our Vinyl Wall Stickers are totally removable and they will not mark the wall when they have been peeled off. If you have just painted your walls, we recommend you let them dry for 2-3 weeks before applying any wall stickers.

Will you be getting new designs?

Yes! We are constantly looking for new brands to add to our store, please sign up for our newsletter if you would like to be informed when new designs arrive.

Teflon & Wash n Wear Paints

Modern paints are designed to be cleaned and for the cleaing not to affect the gloss or the finish of the paint. To achieve this teflon or silicones are added. This makes the paint easy to clean because they have contaminated the surface to stop things sticking to the surface. This includes wall stickers & decals!

If your intending to decorate your walls with wall stickers & decals, we recommend using a low sheen non teflon based paint as the ideal surface to later decorate. Please let your walls cure and dry for atleast 2- 3 weeks before applying your wall art.


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